Toys Are Us!

Lego_Color_Bricks[1]Along the years things change. Clothes, furniture. Even we change. One of the things that changed the most are the toys.

If I were transported back to the 40’s the 3 top toys I would want to get the radio flyer wagon, the pogo stick and Legos. I would probably take the radio flyer wagon because in reality I have a yellow wagon where I go camping and I love pulling my brothers in it. Sometimes, my friends I have a fort in the woods, we collect things from the dumps and make good use of it in our fort. My wagon helps us transport those objects. I would also take the pogo stick because, again, at my camp Continue reading

Our Rights

tumblr_mbk8zaXQFr1ra3jlho1_1280[1]How would you feel if you had to work for someone who doesn’t treat you very well? In some countries that’s possible. And it’s called slavery. I actually read a book called Iqbal and it’s all about slavery.

We are very lucky to have laws against slavery because it can involve health, not having the proper food, care and education which can also involve safety. We have these laws also because children should not be working until they’re adults. I think it’s very unfair that kids are force to work at such young ages for people so selfish and lazy. Sometimes the children are force to work for factory owners so they have to make things for the factory owners to sell. In other words the factory owners are making money from selling things that they didn’t even make themselves. Most children are even tortured and abused by their masters {the factory owners}.

There’s a difference between a slave and a maid. Maids get paid and their masters {bosses} are actually nice to them. Slaves are force to work, don’t get paid, don’t get treated nicely and live in fear and horror while being a slave. Also maids can chose to work as a maid. But we don’t really see them around and usually rich people would hire them because they have a really BIG house. So they need help to take care of the huge house they own. They only hire maids if they want or need to.

-What would you do if you were a slave ad had a horrible master?

-How would you react to working every hour of every day?

-When you have to do house work, how to you feel?

Please answer the questions in the comments.

Image source: Daniel Gomez-Tarragona

Its My Success!!!

keyboard-648439_960_720[1]Success is accomplishment, achieving something. Some people have different kinds of success. Like me for example, my success would be graduating, getting a good job, always improving at something, making my parents proud, reaching my life goals… etc. To a lot of people success is winning. There are many ways to use the word success.

-How long does it take to become successful? Success can take a lot of time and work. -Being successful? Success can change your life. Say if you win the lottery, you become rich, buy a mansion, get rides on private jets… – Successful people? I consider my parents very successful. They have good jobs, can afford cloths food and a house. Because you don’t have to be rich to be successful. – How to get successful? Like I said before success takes a lot of work, and it usually involves a lot of schooling. Dreams, work and confidence makes success. – successful as a child? Children can be successful too, not just adults.

The opposite of success is failing. A lot of people might fail something, including you and myself. But you have to always remember that when you fail you can try again or try something new but never let failing ruin your life.

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Slide Of A Lifetime!

Image coming!

This story takes place where only snow fell from the sky. A place where lived talking grizzly bears. The bears were always sliding down the snowy and high hills. All but one bear.

Holly, a bear who grew up like the others, had one difference. She wouldn’t slide down a hill. She was afraid of heights. Instead she loved art. She was great, always using her paws to draw figures in the snow. But inside of her, she felt like something was dying. She wanted to slide but she couldn’t get over her fear of heights. Her friends would always encourage her.

-Holly you have to try it.

-I know Camilla but it looks so high and scary.

-Well sometimes your imagination will make it look scarier than it really is. Continue reading

Protecting The Environment

spring-tree-1333123084yhAThe environment is what gives this world its beauty. Without trees, plants, flowers…etc. Our world would be ugly and grey. I hate when people pollute, I never knew why. Maybe because they`re lazy or to be cool. Either way it’s not okay. Don` t you feel the same?

One of the biggest things that can hurt the environment are when people cutting down the forest to put up buildings. Continue reading

Visitor in Quebec | Challenge 4

Montreal-48959If we had a visitor, here in Quebec, I would suggest going to visit the skiing hills and water slides at Bromont. Going to La Ronde and China town in Montreal.

The first time I went skiing I was amazed. Bromont, to me, is one of the best skiing places. The best part about it is in the summer there are water slides and in the winter there are skiing hills. Going to Bromont is a great family experience, you can also rent equipment if you don’t have your own. It can also be, sort of, a vacation since there’s a hotel you can stay in. The fun Continue reading